Officer Belt Care Guide

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How to care for your new Leather Belt

Your belt should be kept in a padded container between troops to avoid damage.

Leather is treated with a wax finish which will resist some water.  However, if it becomes very damp, dye can bleed.  It is suggested if you expect it to be in rain conditions frequently that the belt is treated with a water proofing agent frequently.

The belt buckle can be cleaned with soap and water.  Be careful to not scratch the aluminum detail in the front.

Wearing your Belt

Your belt may need to be cut to size if it’s too big.  Several pre-sized holes may have been added if requested.  A hole punch can be used to add additional hole.  It’s recommended you use a leather cutter to trim the excess from the belt to assure a good fit.

Put on your belt at your natural waist (over your belly button).  The snap on the belt should be to your left.  Latch it into a hole and adjust tunic as needed.